Easy Bi-Directional Traffic Management

Winglock Swing

We are proud to announce the introduction of our slimmest, most subtle single wing access gate in our range. The Winglock Swing had been designed to coordinate with (but not form part of) our Speedlane Lifeline series, but can also stand alone as a single installation.

As buildings get larger with higher throughput, the need to manage more traffic throughput rises. With our Winglock Swing – up to 4 lanes can be installed in a single area, to meet these growing demands.

The Winglock Swing is undeniably the sleekest gate on the market today. Constructed from stainless steel and a single glass panel, the lane is elegant and unobtrusive in nature and design. The access gate is designed to manage bi-directional traffic with effortless ease, using smart, intuitive technology to guide each visitor through to their destination without delay or inconvenience.

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