Total Opening System / Door break-out system for escape route & transport of large objects

Total Opening System

In the case of sliding doors with fixed side lights, the breakout concept can be integrated with our Total-Opening-System (TOS). The total opening system Record TOS is a sliding door system in which the door leaves and fixed side lights – in addition to the normal opening movement – can be swiveled 90 ° independently of the door position. This makes the door extremely suitable as an escape route door. In addition to the safety aspects, the useful advantage of the TOS must also be mentioned, because the door leaves can not only be opened, but can also be slid sideways to the wall. In this way almost the entire passage is released and, even with voluminous objects, one can pass quickly and easily.

Record TOS - Total opening system for automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding door with total opening system – Unlike a classic sliding door, the entire opening system (TOS) preserves the entire passage. Where the side lights are fixed in the classic situations, the side lights with the total opening system are flexible. Due to its particularly flexible operation, the sliding door is not only suitable as escape route, but also very suitable for the transport of large objects. Our Record TOS can be found in shopping centers, furniture stores and car dealers.

The Record TOS works as the same principle as our Record FTA 20 FBO (folding door with extension system).

It is a sliding door system in which the door leaves and fixed side lights – in addition to the normal sliding opening movement – can be pivoted 90 ° in the direction of escape independently of the door position. As a result, the door is ideally suited as an escape route door by means of a simple operation. The open door leaves can also be slid in the direction of the wall up to the total open position, so that almost the entire width and height of the passage is released. With only a few actions, narrow-looking accesses can be transformed into wide passages.

The sliding door is easy to operate with the multifunctional program switch BDE-D. This user-friendly program switch can read out any faults, allowing us to provide you with a practical and effective service. The Record TOS, in combination with the optional multi-point locking system (MPV), increases burglar resistance. The lock can be switched on and off at the touch of a button on the control panel.

The sliding door is opened by sensors or other pulse generators, such as push buttons or elbow switches.

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