Elegant and space-saving telescopic automatic sliding doors

Telescopic Sliding Doors

Just as inviting and reliable, but more impressive in construction and movement, our two or four-wing telescopic sliding doors. These require approx. 30% less space compared to conventional sliding doors, as narrower door leaves are used. The telescopic sliding doors can reach a maximum opening width of 4,000 mm and in the strongest version they can take a maximum door leaf weight of 170 kg.

Record TSA 20 - Linear telescopic sliding door

Record system 20 is the first interactive, automatic sliding door system that is not only easy to install and operate, but also offers safety and reliability. Based on the Record system 20, the most varied door variants are possible. A particularly flexible, modular system is created that can be adapted to all kinds of situations, whereby the same components are constantly used in the base. All in all, this results in a shorter installation time and lower maintenance costs. A variant of this particularly flexible system is the linear telescopic sliding door drive TSA 20.

Environment and sustainability are aspects that are becoming increasingly important as well as the pursuit of reuse of materials. The Record TSA 20 is largely made up of environmentally friendly and durable material – aluminum. It is 100% recyclable and the recycling costs relatively little energy. One of the biggest plus points of aluminum, viewed from the perspective of sustainability, is the fact that it can be recycled time and time again while maintaining its quality. In the production of door machines, Record currently recovers 94% of the aluminum. For the recycling of aluminum, only 5% of the energy is needed compared to the production from raw materials. In addition, the TSA 20 has a remarkably low energy consumption; the drive consumes only 120 watts.

All benefits at a glance

  • Complies with the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, DIN 18 650, EN 16 005 and all relevant national and international standards
  • Safe and reliable universal sliding door system for the most diverse situations
  • Suitable for confined spaces, where a large passage width is desired
  • Constructed from environmentally friendly and durable material
  • Low energy consumption

Record TSA 22 - Linear telescopic sliding door for special and heavy applications

Linear telescopic sliding door TSA 22 for special heavy-duty applications – As inviting and reliable as the traditional sliding door, but in terms of construction and movement progress, our two or four-leaf telescopic sliding doors are more impressive. These require approx. 30% less space compared to the standard sliding doors due to the narrower door leaves and are suitable for opening widths up to 4,000 mm. The maximum door leaf weight varies from 2 x 170 kg for 2-leaf telescopic sliding door and 4 x 130 kg for a four-leaf telescopic sliding door.

Record system 20 forms the basis of our automatic door operators. A wide range of components can be applied to this basic system, so a door situation can be adapted to your specific needs. These frequently used components achieve fast assembly and low maintenance costs. Record system 20 meets the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC, DIN 18 650, EN 16 005 and all relevant national and international standards.

Record CLEAN T2-A - Automatic telescopic sliding door for cleanroom application

Record CLEAN doors are often used in medical institutions, for example in operating rooms. The hermetic seal and easy cleaning of the door helps to maintain a sterile environment. The Record CLEAN sliding doors are also available in a two-wing or four-wing telescopic version. As attractive and reliable as a linear sliding door, but with an even more impressive construction and range of motion.

The standard version of the door leaf core consists of a 32 mm tubular chipboard or wooden chipboard. The door surface is covered with 0.8 mm HPL laminate and serves as a double-sided coating (furnished according to the manufacturer, for example Thermopal, Perpstop, Resopal) on a 3.2 mm wood fiber board as carrier material.

The Record CLEAN doors are available with the following features: hermetically sealed, hygienic surface, sound-absorbing door leaf core, radiation inserts in various lead equivalents, water-resistant materials for use in damp rooms and fire-resistant function.

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