This access solution has an equally original and special appearance.

Prism / Angle sliding doors

The prism sliding door can be equipped with two or four door leaves. The angle of the door can vary from 90 ° to 180 ° and can be laid either inwards or outwards. When it concerns a large degree of angle, this door system is often installed with obtuse angles instead of curved sliding doors.

Record PST 20 - Automatic prism sliding door

Record system 20 is the first interactive, automatic sliding door system that is not only easy to install and operate, but also offers safety and reliability. Based on the Record system 20, the most varied door variants are possible. A particularly flexible, modular system is created that can be adapted to all kinds of situations, whereby the same components are constantly used in the base. All in all, this results in a shorter installation time and lower maintenance costs. A variant of this particularly flexible system is the automatic prism / corner sliding door PST 20.

Characteristic of the Record PST 20 is its whisper-quiet operation. The running gear is made up of an interchangeable hardened aluminum running rail in neoprene sound insulation. The trolleys are equipped with bearing rollers and counter rollers. This ensures a whisper-quiet operation.

The Record PST 20, in combination with our slim aluminum door profiles of 30 mm deep, creates an attractive design. Apart from our own profile system, it is also possible to use door profiles from third parties up to 65 mm deep.

Both our profiles and the housing of the drive can be anodised or powder coated in any RAL color.

The (installation) angle of the door can vary from 90° to 180° and can be placed both inwards and outwards. The corner sliding doors can reach opening widths from 800 to 3,000 mm. In addition, in the strongest version, the operator can carry a door leaf weight of 2 x 200 kg (2-leaf sliding door) or 4 x 90 kg (four-leaf sliding door).

Thanks to the drive height of only 200 mm and various mounting options (mounting on the lintel, above the ceiling or self-supporting), the Record PST 20 is suitable for almost any situation.

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