This access solution has an equally original and special appearance.

Burglar-resistant Sliding Doors

Certified according to the resistance class WK 2, our sliding doors are an effective but unobtrusive burglary protection. Features of this application are specially laminated safety glass, a multi-point locking system, reinforced running gear and a continuous floor rail. In addition, our burglar-resistant sliding doors are also suitable as escape doors, which are at the top of the market in terms of safety and reliability.

Record SAFECORD RC 2 - Burglar-resistant automatic sliding door

The safety-enhancing modifications are visually invisible, but fully integrated in the system. The fixed side lights, door leaves and closing edges are structurally reinforced.

The door leaves of the SAFECORD20 are equipped with burglar-resistant glass with impact-resistant properties. For this, safety insulating glass 33.4 (P4A) / 9 / 33.2 is used, with the inner and outer leaf being layered. This type of glazing belongs to the higher resistance class.
Other important equipment that contributes to the burglary resistance are the electromechanical multi-point locking device (MPV) and the continuous stainless steel floor rail. The locking is done electromechanically by means of a motor provided with a heavy-duty transmission, which is securely processed within the drive housing to prevent sabotage. A steel plate descends over two pins, which are firmly anchored in the top of the door leaves, so that they lock the doors from the top. At the same time, two stainless steel pins that go through the door in the longitudinal direction are pushed a few centimeters into the stainless steel floor rail. The stainless steel floor rail also ensures that the door leaves move gradually and can withstand an increased wind load. These functions are standard applied to the SAFECORD20,

All these details ensure that the Record SAFECORD20 is fully certified as burglary-resistant to resistance class 2 (WK2) in accordance with the NEN 5096 standard. The Record SAFECORD20 therefore offers sufficient resistance to show an occasional burglar of his burglary attempt or to stop him so that the emergency services get more time to intervene for intrusion.

Record THERMCORD RC 2 - Effective protection against burglary

The Record THERMCORD RC 2 is powered by modules of the Record STA 20 series. This is one of the most modern systems on the market and, thanks to the numerous parameter adjustments, can always be optimized for each application. As a result, the opening and closing speed can be specifically adjusted so that the heat exchange takes place as little as possible.

The complete system is digitally linked. This means that the control unit, the drive, the sensors and the multifunctional program switch BDE-D communicate with each other via the CAN-bus protocol. The potentially high data transfer rate makes a continuous self-diagnosis possible. The results can be read from the memory. Interference influences are detected in this way and defective parts or interrupted cable connections are identified immediately.

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