The Original Revolving Door

The NRG+ Tourniket is a truly unique automatic revolving door solution for buildings

NRG+ Tourniket

The Revolving Door that Generates Energy

The NRG+ Tourniket is the first revolving door in the world that not only saves energy, but also generates it. Developing a revolving door that could use the human energy applied to turn the door into electricity has long been a dream of Boon Edam’s engineers. As early as the late twentieth century our engineers were studying on how this could be achieved, but as the right technology was not yet available, it wasn’t until 2008 that the first NRG+ Tourniket was installed.

Human Powered Energy

The NRG+ Tourniket is a revolving door with three or four door wings, available in a variety of diameters and finishes. Instead of a normal manual or automatic drive unit, this revolving door has a special generator that turns the energy applied to turn the door into electricity that can power the low energy ceiling lights. Although the amount of energy that can be generated through the NRG+ Tourniket is limited, as a building’s first impression, it tells visitors that the occupants care about the environment and strive to build a sustainable future.

Technical Characteristics

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