Director Fernando Metz Visits the Netherlands for Boon Edam’s New Product Releases

Whether you’re renovating an existing building or starting a whole new project, it’s important that you choose the right equipment for the job. High-quality, cutting edge, and smart solutions for your project can make all the difference, which is why at Mexim we’re proud to work with Boon Edam – one of the market leaders in automatic and revolving doors for many of our projects.

In an effort to maintain the high level of quality our clients have come to expect from Mexim, we’re always looking for ways to improve the solutions we provide. As part of their new product releases, Boon Edam hosted an event in the Netherlands that Fernando Metz – Mexim director and son of founder Gabriel Metz – attended to learn how to make the most of new technology that was being unveiled.

About Boon Edam

Boon Edam is a market leader in automatic door, security barrier, and other entry solution manufacturing that has been in business for over 140 years. The Dutch family business supplies  hundreds of companies around the world through their Global Export division, which reaches the United States, China, and with Mexim’s help, the Caribbean. High-quality, cutting-edge, and affordable, Mexim is happy to bring Boon Edam’s automatic doors to the Caribbean for clients customers to benefit from.

Boon Edam offers a large collection of entryway solutions, including larger options like the Tourniket revolving door for superior accessibility and the Turnlock 150 for improved security. No matter which option you choose, each can help improve your business’s accessibility, security, and traffic control while adding prestige and value to your storefront.

Mexim Projects Featuring Boon Edam Automatic Doors

Boon Edam’s revolving and automatic doors have been a major part of many of our commercial projects for years. You can see some of their products in use at the following Mexim projects:

Super Food Plaza Aruba – This grocery store in Aruba is an incredibly busy location, making it paramount that their entryways allow for maximum accessibility. Boon Edam’s automatic revolving door helps keep the air conditioning inside, guests coming through the doors, and looks great for all passersby.

Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club – One of the largest hotel chains on the island, this Marriott club entrance is where many guests access their resort. This means it is important to make a good impression, and the revolving door from Boon Edam allows for just that.

La Cabana Beach Resort – Featuring multiple automatic sliding doors alongside the revolving door, this resort entrance is all about convenience for the guests that come through. The clear glass also provides a clear glimpse into the beautiful interior, giving it a bit of extra curb appeal.

Mexim aruba automatic doors

Mexim and Boon Edam: Your Automatic and Revolving Door Experts

If you’re looking to upgrade your business’s storefront or start your new project off right, a revolving door from Boon Edam is a great option to consider. Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and offering superior accessibility, your new entryway from Boon Edam installed by our experts at Mexim will help make your business shine.

Contact Mexim today to learn more about doorway solutions from Boon Edam.