When will my windows be ready for delivery and installation?

Every project is unique in terms of what needs to be done, the number of windows, the sizes needed, and so on. When a Mexim representative works with you on an estimate of the cost, we will also come up with a schedule for delivery and installation so you’ll know exactly when your project will be completed! Contact usto get your project quote underway today!

What colors of glass are available?

We have access to glass in a truly huge variety of colors, so the chances are good that we’ll be able to get any color of glass you want for your project, from bright colors of all hues to every shade of gray or black you might want. See the Colored Glass pageof our website for more information and details.

Do you sell wooden or other types of doors?

Although our specialty is aluminum and glass doors, we also carry wooden doors that can be used for exterior or interior entrances to building or rooms within buildings. All our doors, whether aluminum/glass or wood, feature European quality for long-lasting durability that can withstand frequent use. For our wooden doors, we have a wide selection in terms of available finishes and colors. Whether you need doors for a private residence or a commercial property such as a hotel, resort, retail business, offices or residential complexes, Mexim Caribbean has the quality and selection to meet your needs! See our product pages for automatic doors, including revolving, sliding and rollup doors.

What brands do you use?

We work with a number of main brands that we are proud to represent in Aruba and throughout the Caribbean. For windows, patio doors and manual sliding doors, our go-to brand is Reynaers. For revolving doors we proudly represent Boon Edam. For automatic sliding and swing doors we rely up on Record. When high-speed rollup doors are needed, we turn to Dynaco/Entrematic. For railing systems we represent Q-Railing. For other glass systems we also draw upon the products of Balinkand Market. These are just a selection of some of the brands we work with. Rest assured that whatever your renovation or construction project may need, Mexim has researched and partnered with the brands that have the high-quality products you want.

Do you apply silicone to the windows?

Absolutely! This is a critical finishing touch of installing windows in any home or other building. Achieving a tight seal with silicone is essential in preventing any leaks of air or water. A good silicone seal is what guarantees that your windows will perform two of their most vital functions: Keeping hot air and water out!

What different types of glass are available?

Mexim Caribbean carries or can obtain whatever kind of glass you may need for your residential or commercial project. Regular Float Glass,Insulation Glass, Safety/Laminated Glass, Mirrored Glass, Special Glass, and so on. If for some reason you’re not seeing a particular type of glass that you need, please feel free to contact usand we’ll get it for you!

Do you take customized measurements?

Yes! We take accurate and precise measurements of each window opening in order to assemble windows that will fit snugly into each space.

What standard windows do you have?

Check our Reynaers aluminum windowsand doors page to see the standard windows most commonly used by Mexim in projects throughout the Caribbean, including the CS68,CS59PA,CW50and CW60. You can always contact usto find out more about these and other aluminum window products we carry.