The All-Glass Revolving Door

Boon Edam Automatic Revolving Door Crystal Tourniket

When you have put a lot of time and effort into creating a stunning façade to a building, the entry to that building should reflect and compliment that design. Our Crystal Tourniket revolving door is one of the most stunning entrances available. Constructed virtually completely from glass with only a few stainless steel accents to ensure the solidity of the revolving door, it fits seamlessly with modern glass facades but can also be a beautiful eye catcher in more traditional or classic designs.

The Crystal Tourniket can be finished in completely clear glass, but coloured glass is also available. With a variety of options available, we can work with you to ensure the Crystal Tourniket meets all your requirements. Choose a collapsible door set to ensure the entrance is suitable as an emergency exit and choose three or four door wings depending on the number of visitors you expect on a daily basis and whether they bring a briefcase or large luggage. Our experience with manufacturing entry solutions that suit your needs and those of the visitors passing through them every day, ensures that we can help and advise you in making these decisions.

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